Big Jim and Adlai: Squaring Off Illinois-style
by Henry Hanson

In a state not known for its statesmanlike governors, the winner of this year’s race could find himself on his way the White House.

How to Revive the State’s Antique Economy
by Ralph Whitehead, Jr.
As the industries that made us strong continue to weaken, the pressure increases to shift our economic base toward high technology.

Illinois North
by Bruce Hatton Boyer
Shady towns, silent forests, cornfields, state parks, antiques – discover what’s Out There on one of these four weekend tours.

Illinois South
by Fran Zell
Another four tours – south to Springfield and beyond – to Lincoln lore, of-the-land cooking, river towns, rock formations, and brushes with state history

The River
by Lawrence Rand
Through wind and whitecaps, pollution and poisonous snakes, this reporter took the Illinois by canoe all the way to mile zero.

The Prairie
by J. Madeleine Nash
There’s a prairie in Markham, another near Kinmundy – in all, almost 30 treasured remnants of a once-vast inland sea.

TV and Sympathy
by Scott Fivelson
Wonder no more – here’s what’s coming up in the new season.

European Connections
Brenda Shapiro
For the whole family, great European clothes that look right at home on the Great Plains



by Henry Hanson
The quickening of the Widow Clarke House; seeing off the fleet in the Chicago-Mackinac race; ChicagoFest’s ebony-and-ivory harmony drifts off key.

William Brashler: The Story Behind the Same Old Story
In Chicago, good fences makes fencing neighbors – and news.

Movies: Return of the Military Mystique
by Dave Kehr

An Officer and a Gentleman brings us a new form of brutal group therapy.

Audio: High-fidelity Highway
by Rich Warren
Introducing big cars with built-in big sound

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
If thoughts of September smell like a new box of crayons, if the smell of marble dust reminds you of Thomas Wolfe, if rain in the air recalls a very old Burberry trench, then nose through this month’s goodies.
Books: Words from the Prairie Godfather

A well-tended preserve of lore lovingly told

Art: Painterly Poet of the Prairie State
by Henry Hanson
Harold Gregor’s Illinois landscapes are a breath of fresh air.

Chicago as it Was: Escape to Eagle’s Nest
by Perry R. Duis and Glen E. Holt
In the summer months, Chicago’s artistic community found a creative utopia near Oregon, Illinois.
Travel: The Stylish City of Milan
by Jack Star
Tourists too often overlook this busy center of commerce, culture, and romance.
City: Is There Light at the End of Deep Tunnel?

by Richard Cavalier
When all is said about the controversial project, what should be done?

Wine: Beaujolais – Renewing the Acquaintance
by Patrick W. Fegan
An evaluation of the 1981 harvest

Dining on a Budget: Fish with a Persian Accent
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Salmon and sangak make a delightful duo in Portage Park.

Dining on the Town: The Sheik of Chic
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Can Gordon the Fashionable conquer Lake Forest?

The Best of Chicago: The Numbers Doctor
by Roberta Katchen Stein
If balancing a checkbook makes you shudder see Naomi Fisher.

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