Salad Days (Mostly Celery) In Old Lake View
by David Standish

The true and checkered past of a now seemingly unchangeable neighborhood

by Dan Rottenberg
When Marshall Field V and his half brother Ted decided to dissolve the family business, it shouldn’t have surprised anybody.

The House That Big Jim Built
by Paul McGrath
Governor Thompson’s new state office building isn’t just a pretty façade; it helps pay off his political debts.

Dressing After Dark
by Brenda Shapiro
Separate clothes need not mean separate tables: These are fashions that work together as well as you do.

Seeing the Light About Lighting Up
by Jack Star
Fifty million Americans smoke. If they really want to stop, most can do it on their own. The hard-core smokers need help – lots of it.

Mother and Maureen
fiction by Brenda Peterson
Some mothers are nothing without their daughters. Like trains, love – and reliance – run both ways.

Time for 20 Questions
by Peter A. McWilliams
A few things to ask yourself before investing in a personal computer

Getting Down to Business
by Danny Goodman
How the new technology can help your career



by Henry Hanson
Upfront’s song in his heart for Chicago; rushing to the defense of the Illinois Center Concourse; careening around town on lake and land, and up in the sky

On the Aisle: The Widespread Lures of Talent
by Claudia Cassidy
Without it, you are in trouble. With it – what a difference.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson

Liberty (of London) lovers, chocolate connoisseurs, grownups who still play (doll) house, and people who dote on animal-shaped anythings will be pleased to know…

Jazz: Sweet and Sour Notes
by John McDonough
Good, free music should make everybody happy? Wrong.
Wine: The Appeal of Italian Chardonnays
by Patrick W. Fegan
This white wine was once considered beyond reach for everyday meals. But the Italians have changed all that.
Movies: Once is Never Enough
by Dave Kehr
Sequels are here to stay, but the audience is only partly to blame for that ongoing big picture.

Chicago as it Was: Cigarettes and Sin
by Perry R. Duis
Smoke in Lucy Page Gaston’s eyes made her mad.
Books: The Charisma Queen

The history of Bricktop, a woman who knows how to work a room

Art: A City of Citadels and Skyscrapers
by Henry Hanson
The Art Institute presents birthday views of Chicago through a lens, shimmering.

Roger Simon: In Praise of the City Council
Our newest columnist reveals, for the first time, magical moments that have molded a marvelous institution.

City: Who Owns the Parks?
by David Novick and Anne Spiselman
Do bird watchers have the same rights as ballplayers?

Audio: Do Not Disturb
by Rich Warren
Lessons in isolation: how to seal the music in and the noise out

Travel: Enjoying the Good Life in Yugoslavia
by Jack Star
Take a trip through this sunny land, with its delightful, ancient cities and gorgeous coast.

Dining on a Budget: Southern Charm
by Jill and Ron Rohde
You don’t have to be a good ol’ boy to love Charlie Taylor’s catfish – just a good ol’ eater.

Dining on the Town: A Place in the Country
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Are Le Titi de Paris and the Cottage worth the trip?

The Best of Chicago: The Voice Behind “Council Wars”
by Michael Kiefer
Political humorist Aaron Freeman brings a breath of fresh air to the Windy City.

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