The Man Who Bought the Opera House
by Jack Star

Dino D’Angelo – real-estate developer, lawyer, family man – looks at his life and likes what he sees.

My Nights at the Opera
by John Rezek
From hoots to high art: A Lyric throne bearer tells the backstage story of Aida.

Random Harvest
by Alfredo S. Lanier
Where to buy Michigan’s excellent but hard-to-find produce, and where to pick apples this fall

by Brenda Shapiro
Adapting the colorations of the male of the species by day; pouring on the glamour and the glitz by night

The Last Run of the Rock Island Line
by Dan Rottenberg
How a bizarre set of circumstances turned the demise of a historic railroad into the most successful bankruptcy in history

It’s A Living
by Sol Saks
An affectionate telling of the story behind a merchandising masterstroke: putting peanut machines in Saxon Paint stores

Crown of Thorns
fiction by Louise Erdrich
An excerpt from the forthcoming novel Love Medicine, by Louise Erdrich, winner of the 1982 Nelson Algren Award

Berny Stone and the Boys in the Bloc
by Emily Kamine Soloff and Greg Hinz
The man who may decide the fate of the world’s fair is an unlikely instant celebrity – a political foot soldier with a flair for the melodramatic.



by Henry Hanson
Because the medium is the message, Upfront covers the convention on TV; two skydivers jump into marriage; the Springsteen concert fills hungry hearts

On the Aisle: Who Owns Talent?
by Claudia Cassidy
Some possible answers to a haunting question

Movies: Something Can and Must be Done
by Dave Kehr

Blunt fervor and sincere nobility from John Sayles, the director of choice for the secretly disaffected

City: The Invisible Work Force
by Ronnie Scheier
The East European women who clean offices are the forgotten people in the downtown business world.
History: Chicago’s Pigskin Past
by John S. Watterson
Once upon a time, the U. of C. Maroons were champions of the Big Ten conference.
Audio: Big Trends and a Few Marvels
by Rich Warren
New equipment from the summer Consumer Electronics Show is now in the stores. Is it time to do some upgrading?

Wine: Herbaceous, Berry-fruity, or Woody?
by Patrick W. Fegan
Taking the mystery out of how wines are supposed to taste
The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
Beginning our eighth year of goodness, we present Toscana bread (reborn), a profusion of dinosaurs, a place to buy a claw-footed bathtub. Now make a wish, take a deep breath, and…

Travel: The Temples and Tombs of Tulum
by Jack Star
A visit to a once-lost Mayan city on the Yucatan coast

Books: Remaking the City on the Make
Talk, prose, photos, and complex states of mind – TriQuarterly takes on the talent in its own backyard.

Art: David Hocknew on Stage
by Henry Hanson
And in person: To celebrate two new works at the Art Institute and a show of his innovative opera sets at the MCA

Roger Simon: Where Are They Now?
Wonder what happened to the children of the sixties? This exclusive report will fascinate you. Then again…

Dining on a Budget: Back on the Salsa Circuit
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Bomber burritos and marvelous Margaritas lure us once more.

Dining on the Town: Without Mr. T
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Is Le Perroquet still Le Perroquet now that Jovan Trboyevic has sold it?

The Best of Chicago: How to Order Unspeakable Delights
by Robert C. Cooper
When it comes to choosing Chinese food, Professor James McCawley is the one person you want at your table.

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