Weathering the Financial Storm
by Dan Rottenberg

Some expert advice on getting the most out of your personal investments

Ray Still
by Gordon Gould
The CSO’s principal oboist describes what it’s like to perform the greatest masterworks of man and get paid for it – the pitfalls notwithstanding.

Sheridan Road
by Jamie Gilson
It is a winding ribbon that ties suburb and city together, offering pockets of infinite charm along the way.

All Chicago
by Brenda Shapiro
Our million-dollar designers: a piece of the Big Apple, but Chicago to the core

Bikes and Biking
by Rich Warren
If you don’t have bike, buy one; if you have a bike, use it. Chicago’s a great city for biking.

On the Wing
by Jack Star
With proving runs and pilot check-rides behind it, Chicago Air takes to the skies – almost on schedule.



by Henry Hanson
Bears on  the loose in London; memories in the making at the restored Chicago Theatre; Jimmy Carter hits town with hammer and nails.

On the Aisle: Sounds in the Summer Night
by Claudia Cassidy
At Ravinia, in search of total satisfaction…and joy.

Movies: Truly the Cruelest Month
by Dave Kehr

The good, the bad, the ugly of video

Theatre: Strange Bedfellows
by Tom Valeo
There are pleasures – and perils – as theatres cozy up to the tall, dark, and commercial stranger.
The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
Nothing ordinary for September’s rational virgins; instead, we tout the charms of baby veggies, embossed buckles circa 1910, a chair like a Voltaire, spider-shaped tacks for stinging memos.
Audio/Video: Surrounded by Sound
by Rich Warren
The new video surround-sound processors put you in the middle of the action.

Books: Defying Gravity
Louise Erdrich’s new novel about what we do for love
Travel: Museums, Memorials, Monuments
by Steven Gittelson
Exploring our nation’s capital is best done in fall or spring – but don’t necessarily expect to see cherry blossoms.

M.W. Newman: Broken Hearts of Steel
The painful story of Commercial Avenue: hardworking men without jobs

City: A Neighborhood’s Noble Struggle
by Patrick Barry
Quietly and peacefully, though not without pain, Roger’s Park is transforming itself into a polyglot mix of the city’s people.

Art: Louis, Louis
by Henry Hanson
The Historical Society pays tribute to the man who put the arch in architecture; the Arts Club celebrates an anniversary.

Dining on a Budget: Lawrence Avenue Discoveries
by Anne Spiselman and David Novick
Take a bite of bibim maeng myun and start a Korean cooking adventure.

Dining on the Town: Food, Fashion, and Flash
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Is the infatuation with Roger Greenfield’s new restaurants the real thing or just yuppie love?

The Best of Chicago: When It’s Apple-Picking Time
by Michael Kiefer
A family outing to the Wauconda Orchards bears sweet fruit.

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