Fall Preview
Drum roll, please! The new season makes a grand entrance, all promise and possibility. Some faces to watch for in the months to come…

The Pope’s Man in the Middle
by Roy Larson
Although his own Archdiocese remains troubled, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin has emerged as the Catholic moderates’ best hope.

The Fall of an Archdiocese
by Andrew M. Greeley
An outspoken priest’s case against the Cody tyranny and the Bernardin bureaucracy

Acts of Scholarship
by Stanley Elkin
At the Newberry Library, scholars are biting off chunks of the universe and following a paper trail to the truth.

Fashion: Strong Suits
by Donna Frost and Laury Gallant
In the country, in the city, everywhere we look, we see subtle, sophisticated, high-spirited suits.



Journal: Party Lines
by Hillel Levin, editor
Why differences of opinion don’t spell disaster

by David Jackson
Pulling Revenue’s purse strings; $150,000 misunderstanding

by Henry Hanson
Joan Harris appointed culture queen; Historical Society stages revolution; Soviets invave Lakeside.

Theatre: Road to Nowhere
by Bob Daily
A shattering trip down a one-way street

Books: Hard-Ball Politics
Two new books about where the Machine came from and why it died

Execs: Ice-Cream Entrepreneur
by Jan Parr
Jolyn Robichaux built her company on spumoni, pistachio almond, and survival instinct.

Space: Urbane Planner
by M.W. Newman
Harry Weese: a sharp-tongued advocate for livable cities and clear design

Movies: Cyrano Gets the Girl
by Penelope Mesic
The arrow through Steve Martin’s head finally pierces his heart.

Dining: The Play’s Not the Only Thing
by Carla and Allen Kelson
You may find the best seat of the evening before you ever reach the theatre.

Last Call: A Moving Experience
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
A good friend leaves town and takes all her glitter along.

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