What a Deal!
by Leah Eskin, Libby Morse, and Dan Santow

Our insider’s guide to off-price shopping explores some of the city’s lesser-known outlets and warehouses for designer clothing, fine housewares, and more. Plus, retail store sales, and what’s new at the outlet malls

Presence of Minds
by Penelope Mesic
Dr. Bennet Braun is one of the country’s best-known experts on multiple-personality disorder. But in some circles, his specialty is regarded with the wariness reserved for UFO sightings.

Rapture of the Deep
by Joanne Trestrail
While Lake Michigan’s shipwrecks almost certainly hold no glittering treasure, they have an attraction – and secrets – all their own.

Crash Course
by Nancy Millman
Helene Curtis chief Ron Gidwitz had a long-term itch for a public role. Now he’s learning that the City Colleges system is no family business.

The Men’s Movement
by Leslie Pace
Many of the season’s newest looks for women evoke the spirit of menswear – sometimes subtly, sometimes right out loud.



A cake walk, some loose talk, and Scoops du Jour, by Carla Kelson

Art Works
by Henry Hanson
Birdhouse to big house – art at the pier and the armory

Show Biz
by Jeanne Rattenbury
Vocal boy makes good: Mandy Patinkin brings his show home.

Prime Time
Hot dates around town this month

by Richard Lalich
The new Comiskey Park has been a success for the city and the Sox. But what of the people removed to make way for it?

by Bob Daily
At The Score, Chicago’s new all-sports radio station, rancor is the motor that drives the machine.

Chicago Woman
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
Two entrepreneurial matchmakers devise a new kind of love connection – the dutch-treat lunch.

by Penelope Mesic
Steppenwolf veterans take Steinbeck to the screen.

Real Estate

by Dennis Rodkin
Coping with a crumbing masterpiece: trying to do the Wright thing

by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Holy smoke: Can Southern-style barbecue joints make it up north?

Budget Beat
by Anne Spiselman and David Novick
Dining and doings Around the Coyote

Back Talk
by Henry Hanson
Mick Jagger, Jesse Jackson, Carol Moseley Braun, Zarin Mehta, Marc Chagall, Boots Nathan