Paths of Glory
by Gale Kappe, Libby Morse, and Gretchen Reynolds

A garden of earthly delights in central Illinois, canoeing in a little-known corner of Michigan, touring Amish country, a close-in arboretum, plus biking and antiquing: six trips for fall weekends

Divorce Court
by Penelope Mesic
For years, the Domestic Relations Division had a reputation as a dumping ground for the least competent judges. In spite of recent reforms, divorce can be a scary experience if you don’t know the system.

La Moda Paradiso
by Paul Stura
The fall season opens with refined shapes and luscious fabrics. Here, a bravura performance by Italian designers who have perfected the art of elegance

Hey, Bill
by Donovan Webster

Local mover and shaker Bill Bartholomay has his eye on the future of baseball, charged with finding a new commissioner at a pivotal point in The Game’s history. Can he weather the inevitable fallout?

Bidding Adieu
by David Shaw
This reporter’s annual gastronomic pilgrimages to France led to an obsession with the magical allure of wine. So when Christie’s held its last-ever United States wine auction in Chicago, he went to witness history in the making.



Berry talks, Tremko drives, and James Dean is still dead; plus, Cries & Whispers

by Greg Hinz
Whither Bob Greene; who zapped Tom Scorza; something old and something new at City Hall

Stage & Screen
by Penelope Mesic
A bright season ahead for Northlight Theatre

Chicago Woman
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
They ride horses, don’t they? Why women are feeling the urge to saddle up

by Greg Hinz
Can Chicago Teachers Union chief Jackie Vaughn do as well by students and taxpayers as she has by the membership she represents?

Prime Time
Hot dates around town this month

Real Estate

by Dennis Rodkin
The Playboy Mansion-turned-dorm goes condo. Plus, recent residential sales

Going Places
by Anne Spiselman and David Novick
West Side story: Suburban Oak Park was once the home of Hemingway, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Tarzan.

by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Basic décor paired with bountiful portions is the perfect bill of fare at two trend-setting restaurants.

Back Talk
by Henry Hanson

Meg and Jovan Trboyevic, Matt Lamb, Al Capone, Patrick Tuite, Helmut Jahn, Thomas Beeby, Cathy and Kevin Bell