With the economy tanking and home prices in free fall, this may not be the best time to switch jobs. Still, it doesn’t hurt to know what others’ paychecks look like. So we present our third annual survey of Chicago-area salaries—along with a few new elements. Salaries for Barack Obama’s campaign staff. Details on how Michael Jordan keeps the money rolling in. And the earnings of a passel of entrepreneurs, big and small. If you want to leave the corporate world to teach yoga or baby-sit pets, you’ve come to the right place for salary info. Me, I’m thinking of getting into the hedge-fund business. For greater personal fulfillment. —GRAHAM MEYER


Dollar amounts for more than 250 sports figures, business people, government workers, creative types, and more.


We hear from seven individuals—including a comedian and a fetish diva— about their jobs and salaries.


Our team of reporters took to the streets, phones, computers, and libraries. Read more on how we gathered our info.


Photograph: Lisa Predko   Styling: Ana Gagliardi