From left: Iverson, Anderson, and King

Although many purists greeted These Are the Vistas with the-sky-is-falling prognostications, The Bad Plus’s 2003 major-label debut did not, after all, spell the end of jazz as we know it—despite pounding drums and covers of songs by the likes of Nirvana. Six years and several albums later, with the genre intact and universal order restored, the eclectic trio of Midwesterners returns to town on the heels of its new album, For All I Care. We chatted up the guys in advance of their April gig.

Ethan Iverson, pianist, on adding vocals to the new album: “As an avant-garde song band, it made sense for our first collaboration to be with a singer. So far, Wendy [Lewis] is a big hit with audiences, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the Windy City feels about her.”

Reid Anderson, bassist, on his favorite song the group covers: “It’s hard to choose a favorite, but ‘Flim,’ by Aphex Twin [from These Are the Vistas], seems to resonate with people the most. It really bridges the gap between acoustic and electronic music.”

Dave King, drummer, on what he’s looking forward to in Chicago: “Late night burrito joints; [Velvet Lounge owner and saxophonist] Fred Anderson. Who doesn’t like Chicago?”

GO: The Bad Plus with Wendy Lewis. Apr 17 at 8. $21-$25. Old Town School of Folk Music, 4544 N Lincoln.

Photograph: Michael Dvorak