Choreographer Jan Bartoszek laughs when asked if she, by chance, has an art degree. “No—but I don’t have a dance degree, either!”

Perhaps more than any other dance maker on the local scene, Bartoszek, the founder and artistic director of Hedwig Dances, blurs the line between movement and visual art. She stages her opening nights at the Arts Club of Chicago, builds in surrealistic trompe l’oeils that hook audiences, and creates spectacle-like productions that employ the work of paper sculptor Barbara Cooper and installation whiz Petra Bachmaier.

For Hedwig’s spring showcase (April 4 to 12 at Links Hall), Bartoszek reprises part of her sublime ASCENDance, in which a large paper medallion appears, in a feat of illusion, to undulate sensuously alongside the dancers. Dance or art? You decide.