Greyboy Photo: McKenzie Hanson

1 Greyboy

The clothes:Sydney Walters’s collection of casual hand-printed T-shirts, pajama sets, beanies, aprons, and more is gender neutral for cool kids everywhere. Look for simple, graphic illustrations like a coy raccoon or a bottle of hot sauce.

Price:$12 to $48

All in the details:Walters teaches workshops in the city on printmaking, macramé, and other crafts to inspire kids to get artsy.

2 Lilla Barn

The clothes:Bergen Anderson says that her boldly patterned threads are created with durability in mind and meant to last through several generations of hand-me-downs.

Price:$15 to $120

All in the details:Anderson believes that eco-friendly practices go hand in hand with good design: Leftover fabric scraps get transformed into accessories like bow ties.

3 Wolfechild

The clothes:Classic cuts allow the sweetly patterned fabrics in earthy colors to shine in Claire Wolfe Boockmeier’s matching separates, jumpers, and more. The gathered-waist dresses all but require a prairie to romp around in.

Price:$15 to $150

All in the details:Boockmeier’s mother stops by her Rogers Park studio once a week to sew hems and buttons.

A dress from Lindsey Berns
Photo: Courtesy of Lindsey Berns

4 Lindsey Berns

The clothes:Styles from her own childhood inspire Berns’s retro collection: Think jackets made from vintage quilts, peasant blouses, and embroidered pinafores.

Price:$70 to $285

All in the details:Berns will embroider customers’ initials into her quilt jackets.