Axelrod, David

toe-to-toe sleeping arrangements on Air Force One couch, 197

briefcase of jewels

as gift from Saudi royals, 193
See also Axelrod’s 2015 memoir, Believer

Brokaw, Tom

flirting with, 165

Dip Room

as slang for White House Diplomatic Room, 198

Emanuel, Rahm

butt in Axelrod’s face, 195
“equal-opportunity screamer,” 176
holding down Jarrett’s skirt in a breeze, 199

favorite Chicago restaurant

See RL

Ford, Harrison

napping on City Hall couch, 203

“I think it’s going to be a problem”

See Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s 2008 media blitz

movie choice on election night 2016

See Doctor Strange

Obama, Barack

inscrutable emotions, 217
last-second arrival to WTTW debate, 127
not a morning person, 162
sad salad lunches, 218
strong opinions on wedding cake, 262

Obama, Michelle

Susan Sher on a young Michelle’s résumé (“Very impressive! Does NOT want to practice law”), 105
“Who the hell is your fiancé?” (see Obama, Barack)

Meryl Streep and Stevie Wonder
Photos: (Streep) Gerard Julien/AFP/Getty Images; (Wonder) Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

popcorn, pajamas, big-screen TV, and wine

as plan for watching Congress vote on the Affordable Care Act, 227

Streep, Meryl

mistaking call about Presidential Medal of Freedom for prank, 203

“Such a pleasure to meet you. I’ve heard wonderful things about you”

See Donald Trump’s go-to greeting

Wonder, Stevie

offering campaign advice for Obama (“You need to tell him to stop smoking”), 151