In January, designer Takara Beatheagudell launched a line of bean bags from her namesake West Garfield Park studio. Not the kind you toss during lawn games, but rather polyester totes ($28) printed with images of all manner of legumes — red, black, pinto, and green pea. As she has with all her designs during her 40-plus-year career — one defined by statement brooches, geometric earrings, and asymmetric jackets — Beatheagudell drew inspiration for the carryalls from sensory memories. Growing up in Bronzeville, she’d watch her mother spread out black-eyed peas in a mosaic-like pattern on an aluminum table on the first of every year. Together they’d pick out the cracked, chipped, and imperfect ones before cooking. “The black-eyed peas represent prosperity and hope for the new year,” Beatheagudell says. “And on the bags, you can just see how gorgeous they look.” Linger you might on the mile-long Rancho Gordo Bean Club waitlist, but in the meantime, Beatheagudell’s designs will let you show the world that your split pea love transcends pandemic trends.