Photograph: Lisa Beasley

TikTok Handle: @lisabevolving
Followers: 23,800

Who: Lisa Beasley, a comedian from Gary now living in Bronzeville

How she went viral: Beasley first got attention for impersonating The Crown’s version of Margaret Thatcher. Lory Litefoot, a mayoral spoof created amid the hoopla over the botched police raid of Anjanette Young’s home, solidified her social media celebrity. “[The mayor’s] quotes just got more and more ridiculous, and for my own catharsis, I was like, I got to get this off,” says Beasley. Now she parodies Lightfoot anytime the mayor is trending, such as when she locked teachers out of e-learning during their COVID walkout.

Parody vs. reality: Beasley has been asked to bring her character to ribbon-cutting ceremonies the mayor doesn’t attend. “I decline every time because it’s too official and I ain’t tryna do all that,” she says.