A city street. A bus stop. Evening.

ESTRAGON:I’ve forgotten why we’re here.
VLADIMIR:We’re waiting.
ESTRAGON:For whom?
ESTRAGON:You’re sure it will come?
VLADIMIR:It always comes.
VLADIMIR(pointing at sign):Owl service, every half hour.
ESTRAGON:How long have we been here, Didi?
VLADIMIR:An hour, Gogo.

Enter BOY right.

VLADIMIR:Are you from the CTA?
BOY:No, sir.
VLADIMIR:Do you have Bus Tracker?
BOY:Yes, sir.
VLADIMIR:How long, then?
BOY(reading from phone):“No service scheduled.”

Exit BOY left.

ESTRAGON:The bus may not be coming tonight.
VLADIMIR:Then we’ll have to come back tomorrow.
ESTRAGON:It will be here tomorrow?
VLADIMIR:Surely. Every half hour.
ESTRAGON:Shall we call an Uber, then?
VLADIMIR:Yes, let’s call an Uber.