@mrcrim3’s Instagram account
Photograph: Ernest Crim III

Instagram Handle:@mrcrim3


Who’s behind it: West Pullman native Ernest Crim III, 35

What it is: Videos on Frederick Douglass, Ida B. Wells, and other Black historical figures — with a contemporary take. (Wells “was a G … fearless enough to call white women out.”) Crim also highlights unsung heroes such as Barbara Johns, who organized a 1951 walkout to protest conditions in her Virginia high school.

How it started: In 2016, a woman yelled the N-word and spit at Crim and his wife at the South Shore Cultural Center. “I was like, Nah, you can’t get away with this,” he says. He started making YouTube and Instagram videos “to get my voice out.” Later, he also began vlogging on TikTok.

Celebrity cosign: D.L. Hughley shared a 2021 post about a woman who fought off slave catchers in Ohio with a butcher knife and boiling water.