The Best of Chicago
In our annual search for superlatives, we track down top new stores and a hot new shopping strip; neighborhood restaurants and sandwiches for summer; garden antiques and nature preserves; people in entertainment and the media; and scores of other treasures for young and old in the city and suburbs.

Her Own Woman, by Marcia Froelke Coburn
After 12 years as a curator at the Field Museum, the archaeologist Anna Roosevelt was fired for alleged “gross misconduct and dereliction of duty.” Temperamental and assertive by her own admission, she sued the museum for breach of contract and sexual discrimination. “I will never give up,” she says.

McShowdown, by Jonathan Black
The long battle between ad titans DDB Chicago and Leo Burnett USA over the supersize McDonald’s account has made for some memorable advertising. But when their recent shootout was over, it looked like the end of an era.

At Home: A Modern Maverick, by Christine Newman
To find and sell furniture by leading mid-century and contemporary designers, the Chicago dealer Lawrence Converso travels around the country. When he’s staying put, he divides his time between two very different settings in the city.




Modern dancer Lauri Stallings; a book about meat, murder, and mayhem; area tribute bands; a report on daring drinks; class-action certificates; Lookingglass comes to Michigan Avenue; more

Style Sheet, by Stacy Wallace-Albert
The mysteries of bottled magic-fresh scents, firming potions, and soothing soaps

Real Lives | The Love Buster, by Marcia Froelke Coburn
In a new collection of essays, cultural critic Laura Kipnis argues that love and fidelity might just be too much work.

How We Spend | The Food Bite, by Clare La Plante
Chicago keeps getting named one of the nation’s fattest cities, but somehow we manage to spend less on food than people in many other towns.

Adult Ed | Foreign Exchange, by Carrie Sager
As the world gets smaller, people can expand their global horizons with classes in Chinese brush painting, Argentinean cooking, Russian literature, American blues, and other subjects

Sports | Contract Hitter, by Sam Jemielity
Mark Bartelstein is not a flashy sports agent in the Jerry Maguire mold. And that has helped make him one of the top agents in town.

Show Biz | Hitting Rock Bottom, by Kevin McKeough
A Chicago concert by the rock band Creed disappointed some fans so deeply they sued. Can a show be bad enough to be no show at all?

Dining Out | Mellow Yellow, by Dennis Ray Wheaton
The new Mediterranean Pili.Pili taps into River North’s neighborhood chic, and Aubriot rides again in Linconl Park as the more approachable Escargot.

Deal Estate, by Dennis Rodkin
Desiree Rogers moves to Astor Street, hopes head south for the Carlyle, lofts rise at a Fort Sheridan bakery-plus other house and condo news.

Nightspotting, by Sarah Preston
Guthries Tavern serves up beer-and board games; Whiskey Dick’s Radio Lounge could stand to lower the volume.

The Closer, by Jeff Ruby
Chicago has more than its share of urban legends-and some of them are true.