Every year we ask ourselves the age-old question: sure, it's good but is it the best? The winners this time include a heavenly slice of pie, the coolest musician around, where to shop for essential goods, the dry cleaner you can trust with your finest duds, and lots more.


One scrumptious turkey burger, the very best pie in town, a plate of noodles in meat sauce that will knock your socks off, and other top picks in yumminess. PLUS: The best comfort food in town


FUN >>

Our new favorite spot for a fabulous old-fashioned drink, an extremely cute zoo animal, the swankest place to shoot hoops, and more exciting leisure-time bests



The best places to get the goods, whether you're hoping to spend a little-or a lot 



A custom furniture maker you'll adore, the city's best tailor, and party invitations that will blow you away.


PLUS: House calls-where to find the best furnishings from high to low



Every decent place to live needs a good coffee shop, gym, and place to get sushi in a pinch. We found the best providers in nine essential categories-from bike shops to beef joints-for five city neighborhoods and two buffed-out suburbs.


Edited by Jennifer Tanaka
Reported and written by Kelly Aiglon, Kim Atkinson, Gina Bazer, Kim Conte, Noah Isackson, Rebecca Little, Michael Nagrant, Nora O'Donnell, Dennis Rodkin, Jeff Ruby, Jennifer Tanaka, Cassie Walker, Jennifer Wehunt, Dennis Ray Wheaton, and Steve Yaccino