They are putting solar panels on the roof, insulating the place with a recycled-content product, and installing water-saving dual flush toilets in the condos at 2622 West Evergreen Avenue. So when the developers had to pick a name for the project, they went with its address. “It already has ‘green’ in the name,” says Mark Masino, a broker/ owner of RpV Realty and Development.

When gutting an old graystone to make room for six new one-bedroom condos, the company salvaged as many original two-by-fours from the demolished interior walls as possible. “Probably about a quarter of them didn’t have to be thrown away,” Masino says. The company’s goal, he adds, is to provide eco-friendly housing even for “the person who can’t afford a $600,000 condo.”


From $179,900
to $210,900

The units are small-700 to 800 square feet-but they have many green features, including recycled glass and concrete counters, paints with no volatile organic compounds, and Energy Star appliances. Prices run from $179,900 on the ground floor to $210,900 on the third. All six units were still available at press time and were scheduled to be ready by August.