Best of Chicago
In our exacting annual issue dedicated to ferreting out all good things worth knowing about, we present a guide to Chicago’s tastiest food; outstanding places to shop for clothing and the home; top-notch service providers; great neighborhood attractions; and, of course, sure-fire ways to have fun.

Word Star
by Bryan Smith
Sit back and listen in on a Range Rover ride to the West Side with breakout rapper and Renaissance nerd Lupe Fiasco. You’ll get an earful on history, sociology, anthropology, and the artist’s muses, from Tchaikovsky to Noam Chomsky to Ice Cube.

Cast Away
by David Bernstein
Four years ago, the Evanston native Jeffrey Lieber wrote the original pilot for what became the hit TV series Lost-and then the suits at ABC kicked him off the island.

At Home: Park Place
by Christine Newman
The Chicago architect Paul Florian is perfecting his small apartment in the Astor Tower. But when the time is right, he will build his own house in Wicker Park-a modernist design of glass, aluminum, and steel.




PAGE TWO Trump v. Kelleher-a high-rise brouhaha; finding Obama’s successor, if he makes it to the White House ARTS & CULTURE Introducing our essential culture index, “The Blip!” Plus, a dark tale about Frank Lloyd Wright, the stars of High School Musical, and the best weeknight find SERVICE DESK Hip Milwaukee; the price of divorce STYLE Marc by Marc Jacobs enters the scene; bargain hunting for modern chairs; expert advice; more!

Moto spins off Otom; the hottest restaurants right now; Xni-Pec’s Yucatecan fare sweeps into Cicero; a Neapolitan pizza cage-match

VIP to the extreme: Manor v. Crescendo; plus, where to score a seat alfresco

by Judith Crown
A. Finkl & Sons is leaving its 22-acre site in west Lincoln Park, creating a potential real-estate gold mine. 

by Mark Guarino
A trolley! A Muddy Waters statue on Boul Mich! And five other ideas for resuscitating Chicago’s blues scene.

by Robert Reed
John Calamos became ultrarich when his company went public three years ago-and ultravisible to critics.

Adult Ed
by Joanna Topor MacKenzie
This fall, the joy of learning isn’t a kids-only affair. 

Deal Estate
by Dennis Rodkin
Housing news from the city and suburbs 


The Closer
by Jeff Ruby
Pregnancy revealed-from a father-to-be’s perspective

Chicago Guide®
A selective guide to what’s going on around town. August brings us the end of summer art shows and the start of the Chicago Jazz Festival.

The definitive guide to Chicago’s top restaurants. Spiaggia remains at the pinnacle of Italian fare; fine steaks in Wheeling.