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The Best of Chicago
Edited by Graham Meyer and Jennifer Tanaka

Whoever said "Good enough" probably didn’t get very far in life. In our relentless pursuit of better living through extreme pickiness, we discovered 92 new ways to enjoy our ever-expanding city.


Collision Course
by Noah Isackson
The driver was a beautiful but troubled young woman. Her victims were three beloved musicians headed out on their lunch break. Three years after a deadly crash in Skokie, many questions still remain, but none more pressing than why. 

What Makes Jim Run?
by Ben Goldberger
With his sharp mind, deep local roots, and fat bank account, Jim Oberweis would seem a lock for public office. But in runs for governor, the Senate, and Congress, he has yet to win a seat. Why is he coming back for more? 

At Home: In & Out
by Christine Newman
A real-estate developer reinvents a place of her own in Wicker Park by adding conceptual illusions, exotic collections, and a secret woodland garden.




PAGE TWO The Tribune‘s endorsement dilemma. Plus: dogs ARTS & CULTURE Female rapper Kid Sister busts up the boys’ club; The Blip goes reggae, mon; can technology ease our traffic crunch? Also: Dog spa ratings by our canine critic; a dude’s guide to modern dance; a love courier service—that’s free! Lollapalooza, the downside; new books and music, more MONEY What childcare costs Chicagoans (it’s a lot) STYLE We canvassed the local design scene and found 20 objects to love; a brilliant idea: a store devoted entirely to dresses.  Plus: The city’s best guide to the big summer sales

Dreamy pasta; a hip mom-and-pop; the hottest spots right now; grazing Madison

by Sarah Preston
Mariachi madness in Wicker Park; new late-night haunts

by Scott Ackman and Christopher Schwarz
In Chicago, a street and two monuments honor Italo Balbo, a high-ranking Italian Fascist. How did this happen? 

Adult Education
by Joanna Topor MacKenzie
Get a mental makeover with one of these eight classes for grownups.  

Deal Estate
by Dennis Rodkin
Local housing news  

The Closer
by Jeff Ruby
Can something as complex as a father’s skill be measured? Yes, it can.

Chicago Guide®
Everything worth doing this month

Landmark gains ground; Carnivale loses both of its stars.