Q: What does "Latino theatre" encompass?
A: "Latino" is a wide umbrella for an incredibly complex community: South America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the U.S. Throw Spain in the mix, and things get even wackier. We want to bridge the gaps.

Q: You travel the world looking for performers. Any favorites?
A: The women of [the local theatre troupe] Teatro Luna are rock stars. Albany Park Theatre Project represents one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city. And I love [the play] Our Dad Is in Atlantis. It’s about two young Mexican boys who go to the U.S. to find their father. It’s impossible to see it and not feel the human cost of undocumented migration.

Q: The hip-hop comic group Culture Clash says it will reveal what Jesus looks like. You’ve seen the show. Is it more Last Temptation of Christ, or Jesus Christ Superstar?
A: He looks like the paintings in my mother’s house. 

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Photography: Peter Wynn Thompson