Cheesecake at the Baker Boys

“I have the best cheesecake in the world,” says Jordan Rappaport, a partner at the Baker Boys, a new 700-square-foot bakery in Highland Park. “Hands down.” A challenge if I ever heard one. Two weeks and two cheesecakes later, I’m addicted. BB’s classic version exudes rich, creamy pleasure in every bite and can be had in a chocolate-crumb or a graham-cracker crust. Delicious. But Rappaport’s coffee cheesecake—perfect flavor combo, perfect texture—put me over the top. How does he do it? “I bake it at a low oven, and I never use a timer. I look at it and it’s done when it’s done.” Apparently so. 733 St. Johns Ave., Highland Park; 847-433-0430.




Photograph: Chris Lake