Vincent Colombet, owner of La Boulangerie
Vincent Colombet

“I get a million ideas a day—some of them are crazy, some of them are good,” says Vincent Colombet, owner of La Boulangerie, Logan Square’s new French bakery. His latest great idea is Bread Flix, a bicycle delivery service set up similarly to Netflix—a monthly fee gets bread delivered to your front door twice a week. But don’t expect a disheveled hipster on a fixie speeding up to your home. These bikes are stylish imports from the Dutch shop De Fietsfabriek and are designed for transporting precious—just baked—cargo, a charming nod to the days of milkmen in delivery trucks. For now, the route is limited to Logan Square. Could lead to address laundering. 2569 N. Milwaukee Ave.


Photograph: Anna Knott