Early 1900's four-flat in Riverside, Illinois

EACH $545,000

When they bought a sooty early-1900s four-flat in Riverside almost 20 years ago, Thomas and Allison Vollmann cleaned it up and converted the two second-floor apartments into a 2,200-square-foot condo for themselves. Two years ago, after they moved to a larger home a few blocks away, the Vollmanns converted the downstairs apartments into a second condo, and now both units are for sale. “It was horrible timing to put them on the market in 2008, so they’re rented out until we get them sold,” Allison Vollmann says.

The building’s timbered Prairie-style exterior suggests the look of the interiors, where the Vollmanns have preserved the original tile floor of the foyer, the large moldings on the baseboards and ceilings, and even the dust collectors in the corners of the staircase. Each condo has three bedrooms as well as a sunroom, an office, two bathrooms, and, in the basement, its own 1,000-square-foot storage and laundry room. Residents share a flagstone patio in the landscaped backyard, and each unit comes with three parking spaces, one of them inside the garage. The Vollmanns are selling the condos, at 153 Barrypoint Road, without an agent; potential buyers should call 708-341-9853 or e-mail barrypointroad153-condo@yahoo.com.


Photograph: Dennis Rodkin