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Best of Chicago
edited by Graham Meyer and Jennifer Tanaka
There’s a reason no one talks about Sham, Ernst Schmied, and Josiah Bartlett: Number two just doesn’t have the pizzazz of number one. We scoured the Chicago area to find our Secretariats, Edmund Hillarys, and John Hancocks.


A Friendship in Winter
by Bryan Smith
Marty Cook was a 34-year-old high-school dropout and recovering alcoholic who desperately needed inspiration and a buddy. Seven years ago, he found both in an unlikely source—irascible, imperious Dan Rostenkowski, the fallen political giant.

Raising Chicago
by Lilli Carré
In 1855, Chicago embarked on a far-fetched scheme to hoist itself out of the mud and gunk. On the 155th anniversary of the project’s launch, we take a lively illustrated look back.

When Faith Meets Hard Times
by Brendan Pelsue
Arthur—the heart of Illinois Amish country—seems like a place out of time. Life here may be traditional, but the people face a contemporary issue: the economy.




ARTS & CULTURE Introducing Prescott Tolk, a chops-busting comedian with a Northwestern degree; “Pocket Guide” preps for not one but two ’paloozas; a new book examines a Jazz Age anomaly: murderesses; the design duo Materious on love and household objects; a psychedelic theatre fest wraps up the summer performance season; Ballet West joins the Chicago Dancing Festival. WHAT I WAS THINKING Exelon’s John Rowe on growing up on a farm, climate change, and the utility’s nuclear power play THE ESCAPE ARTIST Travel to the rough fringes of Door County, Wisconsin, for natural wonders and other off-the-grid discoveries. STYLE Presenting the 2010 Hair Awards: 32 recommended salons in the city and suburbs. Plus: Caught on camera—our favorite ’dos!

Hipster sandwiches; amazing cheesecakes; a bicycle built for bread; Izard gets her goat; the ten hottest restaurants

by Amalie Drury
Our nightlife writer learns the ropes at her new neighborhood bar.

Top 40
As part of our 40th-anniversary countdown, we crown Chicago’s 40 most memorable sports moments. Let the arguments begin.

by Marcia Froelke Coburn
Is Groupon, the local Internet start-up that offers online shoppers daily discounts, the real deal?

Adult Education
by Nina Kokotas Hahn
From Buddhism to sushi rolling, these eight courses provide a taste of foreign cultures.

Deal Estate®
by Dennis Rodkin
An homage to David Adler—plus other house and condo news

Outer Drive
by Jeff Ruby
I don’t know as much about Chicago bars as I thought I did.

Chicago Guide®
Classic cars, camping out at the zoo, Diana Ross as Dorothy: three cheers for August

Food with a view at Elate; five stalwarts hold their ground.


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