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Most festival artists slip in and out of the city before they can even have one good meal, but local lady Lissie has wasted no time making a checklist of where to go and what to do when she’s back in town this month.

The Lolla headliner she’ll be checking out: Eminem
“I saw Em’ in high school and nearly got my top ripped off of me. I was wearing a tube top and I got hoisted up to crowd surf against my will, and people were trying to pull my top down. That’s a pretty traumatic experience when you’re 16.”

The Chicago-style food she’ll be noshing on: Italian beef
“I love some Portillo’s and Al’s. Italian beef is so good in Chicago.”

The after party venue she’ll be dancing at: Wise Fools Pub
“They always have great indie music. I used to live not too far from Wise Fools the one summer I lived in Wrigleyville. I worked in the Hancock building assisting a sports analyst, but it only lasted two months.”

The daytime spot where she’ll be relaxing: Oak Street Beach
“I used to rollerblade on Lake Shore Drive back when rollerblading was cool and would always like to end up at Oak Street Beach.”

The local act she’ll try to catch: Umphrey’s McGee
“They’re a long-standing favorite—although I have to be honest, I haven’t really listened to much music at all lately.”

The nostalgic spot she’ll try to visit: Northwestern University campus
“My sister went to college at Northwestern, and when I’d visit, I’d get crushes on all these guys she went to school with who would always break my heart and then I’d write songs about them.”

The book she’ll be reading on her tour bus: 100 Years of Solitude
“I’m only one chapter in. I just wrapped up The Hunger Games, which I loved. I found it in the teenage section, but it’s a really dark book. I read it in one day.”

The clothes she’ll have packed in her suitcase: J Brand Jeans and James Perse T-shirts “I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of gal.”

The best place she’ll be visiting after Chicago: Norway
“They treat us like such stars there with such enthusiastic crowds, and it’s one of the most pristinely gorgeous places I’ve ever been to.”