Rent chickens.

It’s the agrarian version of spending time with grandkids: Enjoy fresh eggs all summer from two hens (coop included) … then give the birds back when you’re sick of them. (No, you can’t eat them.) $400 for six to eight months,

Hire an apiarist.

Get loads of honey without really having to do anything. The Westside Bee Boyz will set up and tend hives in your yard. From $300 for setup, then $75 a visit,

Grow veggies on your windowsill.

Cramped apartment? Not a problem. Grow peppers, snap peas, and cherry tomatoes in a box hydroponically. Science! From $139 for planter, $30 for seed kit,

Can in the safety of a class.

At the Chopping Block’s two locations, you can learn how to pickle your haul without fear of food poisoning. (Bonus: You can finally use the 50 Mason jars left over from your wedding.) $50,