1 Eco-friendly sprays

Who uses it:Ravinia
What it is:Clarke’s EarthRight treatment, a trio of nontoxic sprays—they qualify for use on organic farms—that slay both larvae and adults
Your strategy:Clarke works with residential customers, too. Typically, customers get an application (from $75) every one to three weeks. clarke.com

2 Microbe warfare

Who uses it:Lincoln Park Zoo
What it is:FourStar microbial tablets, which kill larvae in standing water but don’t do a darn thing to humans or pets
Your strategy:The zoo’s preferred product is available in bulk only (think a lifetime of tablets), but Mosquito Dunks ($9 for a six-pack) shares some of the same bacteria strains. summitchemical.com

3 Strategic Gardening

Who uses it:Lurie Garden in Millennium Park
What it is:Plants—specifically basil, rosemary, catnip, lavender, geraniums, and citronella grass—that mosquitoes find repulsive
Your strategy:Pick up a flat for around $25 at a nursery (and make a mean pesto from your new herb garden).