If Wednesday Addams grew up and held a rummage sale, it might look a lot like the Oddities Flea Market. Drawing from taxidermy, gothic history, and the dark arts, this Brooklyn-based traveling emporium, coming to Logan Square’s Stan Mansion August 24 to 25, has something for every fan of the peculiar. Here, three picks sure to add some life (or death) to your home.

Photo: Amanda Lee Maer Huang

For Dissection Devotees

Custom mortuary-to-wall pieces from ScientificWoman feature freeze-dried anatomical specimens for your perpetual viewing pleasure. From $30


Karen Jerzyk portrait
Photo: Karen Jerzyk

For Aspiring Surrealists

Photographer Karen Jerzyk crafts elaborate, playful, and twisted portraits. What girl’s fantasy doesn’t include pink rotary phones and entrails? $20


Ring from OddBallOddity
Photo: Courtesy of OddBallOddity

For Staring Contest Champs

OddBallOddity sets prosthetic eyeballs in its rings. The window to your soul can now be worn on your finger. $178