The 17,600-square-foot northwest suburban manse that served as Lucious Lyon’s digs has been on the market for six years, but only now are the owners promoting its connection to the TV show. We asked Melissa Leonard, a Philadelphia agent whose hype of a house with a sex dungeon went viral in February, how she’d play this one.

The Pool

“It’s the Playboy grotto of Barrington Hills. The seller owns a strip club, and the fictional owner is a hip-hop mogul. You can’t make this stuff up.”

The Garage

“There’s room for all six of your cars here: the Maybach, the Phantom, the GranCabrio, the G 63, the matte black Range and the white one.”

The Man Cave

“With a home theater, a poker room, and a full bar, this is one hell of a playground for someone who wants to work through all his vices in the privacy of his own home.”