Doughnut S’mores
Doughnut S’mores Photo: Jeff Marini

1 Add a layer of cold chocolate-chip cookie dough

“The dough adds granular texture, and chocolate chips add crunch since they don’t completely melt like Hershey’s,” Shanks says.

2 Ditch the graham crackers for a doughnut

Shanks prefers the classic glazed from Stan’s Donuts, which she slices and layers with marshmallow fluff and chocolate. She then skewers the whole thing and warms it over the grill until it’s gooey. “We actually do a version of this in the shop using a blowtorch on the fluff.”

3 Riff on a PB&J

Sub a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup for the chocolate bar, and slather the graham cracker with jam. “The chef at the restaurant next door, Nibbles and Nosh, makes her own raspberry peach Champagne jam, and I steal it for this.”

4 Swap in potato chips

Replacing the graham crackers with thick-cut versions will tame the sweetness. Shanks uses Private Selection Smoked Gouda & Garlic Ripple-Cut Kettle Chips (available at Mariano’s) for a salty-sweet twist on the dessert. “I’m such a potato chip snob, and these are the best.”