“There is a music shop in Evanston called The Guitar Works that’s been around since 1979. They have an amazing selection of new and vintage guitars, and they offer wonderful custom repair. I have a dozen guitars I play weekly at jam — or what we call ‘gym’ — nights at SPACE, and I don’t pamper them! Terry Straker, the owner, is always in the back of the store, and his team is able to restore my Tele or Strat by meticulously leveling the frets, repairing the necks, even sealing cracks. I’ve bought three guitars from them, including a vintage Martin D-35 used by Richie Havens. I have great memories of jamming in the acoustic guitar room there, where I can pick up a cool guitar and not hear everyone playing ‘Stairway to Heaven’ in the main shop.” 709 Main St., Evanston