An Instagram post from @sillyamerica
Photograph: Val Bromann

Instagram Handle:@sillyamerica

Who: Val Bromann

Getting started: The Brookfield native, 41, began traveling the nation and blogging about roadside attractions in 2007. Her love for the genre came from growing up near The Spindle, the since-demolished sculpture of cars aligned on a spike in Berwyn.

Alone for the haul: Bromann usually travels solo. “I exhaust my friends, because I want to see so many things.”

Favorite place: Casey, Illinois, which has a dozen “world’s largest” attractions in Guinness World Records. “They started with the world’s largest mailbox and the world’s largest rocking chair.”

Headed to Texas: Bromann will continue blogging when she takes a new job with the Dallas Opera. “I don’t want to stop until I’ve seen every state.”