Unseen Chicago
by Brittney Blair
Celebrating photography from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, these 29 delightful but forgotten pictures, culled from dozens of collections, invoke history, beauty, emotion, and memories.

Sudden Impact
by Bryan Smith
In the 1969 Days of Rage, antiwar radical Brian Flanagan and city lawyer Richard Elrod collided, changing their lives and creating an indelible image.

Ten for the Ages
by Geoffrey Johnson, Alexis Mattera, Nora O’Donnell, Pauline Shih, Jennifer Tanaka, and Shane Tritsch
Chicago has served as the stimulus for innumerable iconic photographs; here are ten that need no introduction.

Time Exposure
by Geoffrey Johnson
The art of photography and the city of Chicago came on the scene at the same time-in 1837-and have grown up together. We track some notable dates in that tenuous relationship.

Pixel Perfect
by Jennifer Tanaka
Digital picture taking has won the war, but you may still feel embattled when facing today’s daunting technology. Here, a digital photography how-to-from buying a camera to taking great shots to organizing and printing your pictures

View Finders
Piles of applications, hundreds of Bean photos, and endless hours of loupe-gazing later, we proudly present these five eye-catching points of view, from the winners of Chicago’s photo contest.




Anke Loh lights up Chicago fashion; Leslie David Baker trades in a Loop cubicle for The Office; exercise secrets of ex–Chicago Bears; Michael Shannon plays his creepiest role yet-opposite Ashley Judd; science explains why golfers and other athletes “choke.” Plus: Forty-nine ideas for a stylish holiday season, from unpredictable gifts and eye-popping centerpieces to-rejoice!-baked goods that look homemade

by Brendan Shea
Oprah called Sen. Barack Obama her “favorite guy” for the White House. Mayor Daley has said Obama should launch a presidential campaign “if he wants to.” We asked leading Democrats and liberal talking heads one simple question: Should Obama run for president in 2008?

Four | One | One
You don’t have to travel to Rome to find religious relics; Chicago churches house hundreds of fascinating artifacts-representing, among other things, the 12 apostles and the Last Supper table. Plus: How we spend on holiday shopping, and a trip to Chicago’s historic diamond district-Jewelers Row

Deal Estate
by Dennis Rodkin
The current penchant for oversize homes reaches gargantuan proportions in these three new houses planned for the city and suburbs. Plus: New condo developments in the West Loop, Aurora, and North Center

by Sarah Preston
It had the nightlife set drooling in anticipation for months. Now, riverside lounge and restaurant DeLaCosta has opened its floodgates, and the scenesters are pouring in.


The Closer
by Jeff Ruby
Some photos are timeless, some are just tasteless-so what happens to those that don’t make the grade? We dust off a few cutting-room rejects for closer inspection.


Chicago Guide®
During December: As bulletproof as Wonder Woman, the hit show Mamma Mia! deflects any adverse criticism-which would go unheeded by its audiences anyway. The plot-a young bride-to-be hopes to discover which of three men is her father-is just an excuse to string together one gold-record ABBA song after another. The show even caters to its fans by inserting ABBA songs that couldn’t be wangled into the plot into curtain calls so people can dance at their seats. The show blew through Chicago once before, and now it’s back at the Cadillac Palace Theatre for a short run. 163 Marquee: A preview of coming attractions

Food & Drink

Dining Out
by Dennis Ray Wheaton
After coasting for years on Devon Avenue, Indian food blazes all sorts of new trails from River North to Highwood.

The definitive guide to Chicago’s top restaurants
This month: A sharp café in Logan Square is a budget beat surprise; new and updated listings
Dish: The hottest restaurants right now; gossip; Chefs on the Grill: son of a butcher returns to his first love-an American bistro.