Nightlife vets James Brown (yes, James Brown) and Elizabeth P. (yes, just “P.”) have opened Rockwell Lounge, a new bar in the old Narcisse space (710 N. Clark St.). Rockwell has a sexier, cheekier vibe than other “rock lounges” like Five Star or Relax; amenities include deep-blue leather banquettes and stripper poles stationed on either side of the main bar, providing “eye candy for those waiting to order drinks,” Elizabeth says. Professional dancers work the poles up front and in the downstairs den, Coyote Ugly-style, but amateurs are welcome to saddle up on open-pole nights. There’s the requisite fawning over bottle buyers—Rockwell doesn’t carry food, though servers will fetch treats if VIPs ask nicely—but tables aren’t reserved solely for big spenders. Grab a Southside (Miller’s gin, lemon juice, simple syrup; $12) and a seat, and enjoy the spectacle.

Photograph: Chris Guillen