Step inside the box. For the next hour, everything you do will be recorded by 24 video cameras positioned at every possible angle. Sound freaky? It didn’t to Metro owner Joe Shanahan, pictured here, one of several local cultural luminaries who were filmed for an hour in a cube designed by Streeterville artist Lincoln Schatz. (Asked to do something that represents who he is, Shanahan, an avid record collector, spun vinyl; other invitees painted and lifted weights.) For a show at Art Basel Miami in December, computers will slice and dice the images, and segue them into one another in no apparent order, a style reminiscent of another Schatz video—this one in the lobby of the brand-new Spertus Museum—that jumbles scenes of the building’s construction. “The software overlays and combines constantly,” says the artist, 43, who likens the randomness to the workings of the human mind. Which raises its own interesting question. If it’s computerized, is it art?


Photograph: Anna Knott