This 15,000-square-foot 21-room house, built for a spring 2008 homebuilders’ showcase event, has his and her libraries and a hidden staircase to the basement, where an elaborate street scene leads to an old-time pub. The residence has five bedrooms, five-plus baths, seven fireplaces, a pool, and a five-car garage.</p>


List Price: $4.95 million

Sale Price: $ 4.95 million

Fully decorated and furnished for the showcase event, the house ultimately sold that way, too. According to Pete Stefani of King’s Court Builders (which built the home), the $4.95-million purchase price covered everything, including 11 flat-screen televisions and a smaller TV over the urinal in the men’s room of the pub. All told, the decorating and furniture account for at least $300,000 of the home’s cost, Stefani says. According to Midwest Real Estate Data, the purchase price is the highest on record for a home sold in Naperville; the next-highest recorded price is a full $1.7 million less. (Other homes may have sold privately for more.)

The buyer is J. Cameron Drecoll, the CEO of the Naperville-based Broadwind Energy, which manufactures and installs wind turbines and other energy infrastructure items. In 2007, it acquired Brad Foote Gear Works, the Cicero company where Drecoll was CEO and the majority shareholder. Drecoll did not respond to requests for comment.