Despite an economy that’s seenas many shakes lately as an overmixed martini, new bars continue to pop up with the mandate of "Everything for the Everyman." It’s unclear how such a fuzzy concept will fare when drink dollars are tight. Take Sully’s House Tap Room & Grill (1501 N. Dayton St.). The dark-paneled tavern/sports bar/gastro­pub played a couple of aces when it opened this fall near the Weed Street district: backing by a seasoned vet, Sherife Jusufi, of Lincoln Park’s 30-year-old Salvatore’s Ristorante, and a carefully edited beer list, with more than 20 varieties on tap (Three Floyds Pride and Joy; $5) and 33 by the bottle. We’ll see whether Sully’s can stick it out in the shadow of glitzier clubs like Crobar, or if it will go the way of many of the area’s recently constructed condos: unoccupied.      

Photography: Chris Guillen