Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sandi Jackson
Photos: (Jesse Jackson Jr.) Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune; (Sandi Jackson) Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune
  Jesse Jackson Jr., 52
Former U.S. congressman, son of Rev. Jesse Jackson
Sandi Jackson, 54
Former 7th Ward alderman
Sympathy Factor He claims Sandi won’t sell their D.C. home, valued at more than $2 million, to cover their $1.8 million debt. Jesse initiated the divorce while she was still in prison—even though she took their kids to see him monthly during his two-year incarceration.
Lawyer Brendan Hammer, whose firm sued Jesse for unpaid legal fees. Hammer assured the press their relationship remained “absolutely amicable.” Sure. Maryland-based Chandra Walker Holloway. She’s accused Jesse’s attorneys of “highly disingenuous conduct” and of generating a media circus.
Moral High Ground A wash. Let’s be real.  
Dirty Laundry Sandi wants the receipts: She’s demanding the names of everyone Jesse hooked up with during their marriage—and dates the hookups happened. Jesse claims that, ahem, “discoveries” he made on the pair’s home computer while Sandi was in prison made it “impossible for the marriage to continue.”
Witnesses Called Former police honcho Garry McCarthy, who said he has no clue why he’s being called and refuses to publicly comment on “anything that stupid.” Rev. Jesse Jackson, a strip club owner, a former bikini model, TV reporter Tamron Hall, and eight others—so basically everyone.
Job Prospects He’s said he can’t work because of the “emotionally draining” divorce. But he’s joked about becoming a street sweeper. Or a divorce lawyer. She baked banana muffins at a food pantry as part of her court-mandated community service. The next Martha Stewart?