Four of the streaming service’s recent original movies (Holidate, Midnight at the Magnolia, and The Princess Switch and its sequel) and one series (Emily in Paris) have major Chicago plot points. Though there is a tax incentive to film in Illinois, that’s not the reason, since most of those works were filmed out of state. Netflix says it simply acquired a lot of scripts that happened to be set here. So we went to the writers: Why all the Chicago love? Mostly it’s our Midwesternness — and the weather. “Chicago is interesting in that it is well known, but it is not as well defined as New York,” says Robin Bernheim, who wrote The Princess Switch. “Plus, I had to set it somewhere famous for winter.” Former Chicagoan Tiffany Paulsen, who wrote Holidate, wanted to feature the season changes. “Chicago also just has good vibes,” she says.