“I’m always in search of the perfect lamp for a client, and I’ll find one out in the wild and wonder whether it’s salvageable. In 2011, a friend asked, ‘Have you checked out Paul Simmon at A Lamp and Fixture Corp.?’ It’s like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory but for lamps. Lamps hang from the ceiling and grow out of the floor, sconces protrude out of the walls, and shades of every color and shape stack to the ceiling. There’s this guy behind the counter who says, ‘I bet I can help ya,’ and you know he’s the guy. Whatever my problem is, somehow it’ll get solved. I have very expensive vintage pieces that I trust Paul to take care of and know how to work with so they’re not losing their provenance, like a 25-light chrome 1950s Sciolari chandelier. He fixed it socket by socket to ensure it lived up to its potential and looked current.” 3181 N. Elston Ave., Avondale