I’ve smoked pot before, but I’ve never tried edibles. Any tips to ensure a good experience?

Welcome to the wonderful world of edibles! Come for the tasty options, stay for the long-lasting effects. Edibles are available in many forms, including gummies, pretzels, and mints. Try one that fits your flavor preferences.

Since edibles tend to have stronger and longer-lasting effects than other consumption methods, I recommend starting with a microdose: two to five milligrams of THC. Doing so will help you learn your needs and reduce the chance of overdoing it — and you can always have more. If your preferred treat doesn’t come in a microdose, just break it into smaller pieces. I highly encourage you to try edibles on a day when you have free time, just in case you need a nap, but mostly so you can really enjoy the experience.

Datrianna Meeks is a cannabis writer and educator.

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