Designer Kathleen Toomey hopes to remix your mailbox. “It’s fun to open it and see something that’s not a bill,” she says.

Her Mighty Violet greeting cards offer a reprieve from the business letter norm. Their colorful envelopes are unmistakably festive, but it’s what’s inside that really sparks joy. Bold, playful graphics depict Chicago landmarks, such as the Chicago Theatre, Picasso sculpture, and Hancock building. They’re worth holding on to long after the season is over.

Mighty Violet delivers holiday wishes with Chicago flair. “I try to bring out the character of the city,” says Toomey. Santa waves from a pole with the Chicago flag. Snow cascades from downtown buildings. Mod lettering spells “Happy Holidays” along DuSable Lake Shore Drive.

Toomey makes gift items, too. There are Chicago-themed blank note cards (which, like her holiday cards, are $25 for a pack of 10), as well as prints ($125) highlighting other iconic cities, including San Francisco and New York City.

With everything she creates, Toomey hopes to “bring pep to the everyday.” Though it’s easy to fire off a text or an email, she sees traditional paper greetings as a way to both convey a message and create a mood: “There’s a certain energy you feel opening these.”

A Princeton grad, Toomey also attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the School of Visual Arts in New York, and her previous career in marketing taught her how to grow a following and send the perfect message. All you have to do: Add that stamp.