In fashion, there’s a fine line between fabulous and ridiculous. This season, Prada, Pucci, and Rodarte tumbled into a new frontier: Their dazzlingly high platforms and stilettos crumbled models’ legs like they were made of straw. Those who remained standing made somber, superstitious signs after exiting the runway—makeshift rituals to ward off becoming the next bit of fashion roadkill. Victims abound, but no one will forget the sad tale of Kamila W., the model who fell twice in one show and then vanished from the business. Still, for a certain kind of rebel-ista, the temptation for vertical enhancement is too great, and Spring 2009 offers a cornucopia of dangerous options. (Check out Buckle Up for more manageable examples.) Soar to the sky in heels if you must, but remember Icarus: When you fly too high, sometimes you get burned.