Richard Babcock, editor in chief
2007: “In the basement of the house of a childhood friend. Big, flat-screen TV and buckets of shared misery in the event of a bad outcome.”
1986: “In the TV room of our Upper West Side Manhattan apartment, coddling my month-old son (poor sap-he started out with the idea that getting into a championship game was a snap).”

Sean Baker, accounting coordinator
2007: “I was drinking and eating with all the males in my family.”
1986: “I didn’t see the game, but I know the words to the Super Bowl Shuffle.”

Photograph: Courtesy of Joyce Magnus
joyce magnus with walter payton

Classified Production Manager Joyce Magnus with Walter Payton in 1986

Jen Eveslage, advertising director
2007: “Pregnant and miserable at a smoke-filled, bad-food bar in Naperville.”
1986: “I was in DeKalb, junior high, and distinctly remember the Super Bowl Shuffle, but really nothing else.”

Carlas Prince Gilbert, finance manager
2007: “I was sitting in front of the TV at my mom’s, with the family.”
1986: “I was in Guntersville, Alabama at my grandparents watching the game with one of my good friends and my granddad.”

Randy Hano, publisher
2007: “I was in the comfort of my own home supporting our hometown team, the Bears.”
1986: “I was living in Boston, watching the Bears game at an Irish Bar, wondering who would win the right to go on to New Orleans to take on my home team, the Patriots. (And by the way, I was cheering against the Patriots this year.)”

Jennifer Jezler, advertising coordinator
2007: “I was at home watching the game, cheering all alone.”
1986: “Freshman in high school, watching the game with my entire family and best friend. I remember my mother taught my one-year-old nephew to chant, ‘Ditka, Ditka, Ditka.’ He’s 22 now.”

Geoff Johnson, senior editor
2007: “I watched with my wife and two children-my son, Paul, has now seen several Bulls championships, a White Sox World Series win, and now the Bears in the Super Bowl. He thinks Chicago is a city of champions.”
1986: “I watched with my friend Dan, who was the first person to call me after Sunday’s game, announcing plans to throw a Super Bowl party just as he had in ‘86. He’s even trying to get all the same people to attend. Too bad the Pats couldn’t make it.”

Esther Kang, online editor
2007: “At a friend’s apartment, jumping up and down and shouting ‘I Lovie!’ repeatedly and probably annoying everyone else. With open on the browser so i could read about the very game i just spent several hours watching.”
1986: “In first grade in South America, where ‘fútbol’ means ‘soccer.'”

Gale Kappe, senior editor
2007: “I heard that the Bears were going to the Super Bowl during the Patriots/Colts game.”
1986: “I heard about it from a happy crowd on Michigan Avenue-in front of the Art Institute.”

An Anonymous “low-level editor”
2007: “At home in Rogers Park, getting the news from the radio, in the middle of phoning people to come watch some aldermanic candidates rumble two weeks later, feeling sorry for the city of New Orleans all over again.”
1986: “I was facing a huge rent increase in Lincoln Park, but watching Mayor Harold Washington’s opposition BLOCK and TACKLE his every move until the special election when he gained enough seats to PASS legislation.”

Joyce Magnus, classified production manager
2007: “This time, I was watching the game at home.”
1986: “Last time, I was watching the game at home. But shortly after, we happened to be on a Mexican cruise with Walter Payton, Mike Singletary and Revie Sorey. I was seven months pregnant and got to play the part of Otis Wilson in a stage re-enaction of the Super Bowl Shuffle (‘The girls all love me for my body and my mind’). Plus I have a great photo of me and Sweetness.”

Karen Maisa, marketing director
2007: “I was at Butch McGuire’s.”
1986: “Village Pub in Milwaukee, wishing it was the Packers!”

Jennifer Moore, art director
2007: “We were walking to the grocery store and I heard people screaming in the street.”
1986: “All I remember is that Refrigerator Perry was a big deal. Other than that, I was 13 and into Duran Duran, not football.”

Chris Newman, senior editor
2007: “Never knew, didn’t care.”
1986: “Never knew, didn’t care.”

Nora O’Donnell, associate editor
“I was glued to my couch in my apartment. After I saw the last two touchdowns, I finally got up to go to the bathroom.”
1986: “I was a kindergartner at Bennett Elementary (mascot: Broncos) in Fort Collins, Colorado, and I was in love with John Elway.

Bill Oakes, web site manager
2007: “I was in my garage, up to my elbows in engine oil. Couldn’t sit still so I worked on my car with the TV on and the radio play-by-play turned up.”
1986: “I had just moved to Chicago, watched the game at a friend’s house with a dozen fans. As great as the Bears were, I figured we’d being doing it annually.”

Jan Parr, editor/special publications
2007: “At a neighbor’s, in their media room with the giant screen.”
1986: “Last time…um, I don’t know. Wait. I think I was AT SOLDIER FIELD! OH MY GOD, I FORGOT! I JUMPED into Jim McMahon’s arms after the final out!”

Rick Patrone, account manager
2007: “I was at a party at a friend’s house with my wife. All the women were in the kitchen while all the men were watching the game and screaming hysterically, eating pizza, and sipping Anisette. Good old-fashioned Italian family.”
1986: “I was a junior in high school and tried to sneak beer at my sister’s house. I remember this vividly because I was with one of my best friends (also Italian) who broke his collarbone two nights prior in a hockey game. I remember telling my mom beer made him feel better.”

Penny Pollack, dining editor
2007: “I was home with my husband glued to the TV set. I’ve watched l too many games-at home and at Soldiers Field-that were the Bears’ to lose, and lose they did. I also have developed a severe case of third-quarter phobia.”
1986: “I was on an airplane heading home from Florida and when the pilot announced that the Bears had won, the Chicagoans did the Super Bowl Shuffle in the aisle.”

Jeff Ruby, senior editor
2007: “In the basement with my toddler, who picked up her toy phone and hollered, ‘Hello, Bears? Super Bowl!’ I laughed, and she proceeded to do it about 150 times.”
1986: “I was in junior high and I was really scared of Mike Ditka.”

Kathy Shorr, classified advertising manager
2007: “Next door neighbors house, eating, drinking and being ‘Beary’ happy. OK, corny, you don’t have to repeat that.”
1986: “I was in my college apartment, and had quickly stopped home for a short period of time to pick up a few things, turned on the TV, so as not to miss anything, and bam . . . we were on our way to the Super Bowl.”

Bryan Smith, senior editor
2007: “I was at home, folding laundry, or rather, looking at a basket of laundry I was supposed to be folding.”
1986: “I was in Maryland, Rockin’ Amadeus, lamenting that the Redskins weren’t going. They went the next year and won, a-thankyouverymuch.”

Jennifer Tanaka, senior editor
2007: “At home, about to drop my naked baby into the bathtub.”
1986: “In Hawaii, doing something. God only knows what.”

Kim Thornton, associate art director
2007: “I was folding my laundry, watching the game and talking to my mom in Tampa, who was rootin’ for us!”
1986: “I didn’t live in Chicago then, though I’m pretty sure I probably heard it first from Martha Quinn on MTV news.”

Shane Tritsch, managing editor
2007: “Goose Island Brewery in Wrigleyville, along with a few hundred ale-soaked, Bears-regalia-clad folks chanting ‘Su-Per-Bowl!'”
1986: “Skiing in Aspen.”

Todd Urban, associate art director
“I was working here, and heard people shouting and honking their horns down on Michigan Avenue.”
1986: “I was in biology class in high school in Charlotte, North Carolina. There was a girl in my class from Chicago who was excited about it.”

Cassie Walker, senior editor
2007: “I was at a party with friends who insisted on singing the fight song at every commercial. Speaking of, can anybody offer any insight into the lyric about ‘the T formation?'”
1986: “I was eight and far more interested in the family gerbil than sports teams.”

Jennifer Wehunt, assistant editor
2007: “While eating a late dinner in front of the TV around 9:30 p.m., I saw a super-cheesy CBS Super Bowl promo for the Bears versus the Colts, in which the WBBM evening news team enacted some kind of mock-football maneuver.”
1986: “I was a second grader in Texas whose only knowledge of football were the lyrics to ‘Luv Ya, Blue,’ the Houston Oilers’ fight song. My friend and I had the 45.”

An Employee Who Wishes To Remain Anonymous
“I was at Home Depot buying stuff, and the guys at the service desk exploded.”
1986: “I was actually in a squad car on the University of Chicago campus. It was all a mistake, but while I was waiting for that to be figured out, I heard the cops talking about it.”