Philipp Posch

Austrian native and former European league hockey player Philipp Posch, 30, has worked for plenty of big names in the hospitality industry, but none more recognizable than his current bosses, the Trumps. Posch, now the food and beverage director for the Trump International Hotel and Tower (410 N. Wabash Ave.), gave me the scoop on Rebar, the property’s
lavish riverside lounge slated for an early 2008 opening.

Q: Hotel bars haven’t caught on as well in Chicago as they have in places like New York and L.A. How will Rebar attract a local clientele?
We won’t allow it to become a stuffy hotel bar. It’s a very hip, upscale environment for trendsetters, [with] a very extensive Champagne list.

Q: Tell me more about the drinks.
We’re [calling] it a “liquid kitchen” because every drink is from the freshest herbs and the freshest fruits and the freshest vegetables. Coming from New York, I’m a big fan of over-the-top garnishes.

Q: How has it been working with Trump? Is he very hands-on?
Mr. Trump is very much involved, but the project is really driven by Ivanka and Donald Jr.

Q: And what about Ivanka?
Besides the various hotel projects she is working on, she recently launched a new jewelry line. I am trying to incorporate one of her pieces into a cocktail package: two unique shots of vodka served on a brick of ice, with a diamond necklace presented on a glass plate in the center. Or something of that nature.

Photograph: Chris Guillen