North Center condos

FROM $434,900
TO $519,900

The developers of a 12-unit building in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood have opted to make a virtue out of slower sales. Given that there was no rush to finish all the units at the property (at 3811-3815 North Lincoln Avenue), they had time to listen to feedback from potential buyers and make appropriate adjustments. For example, after some buyers said they disliked a fireplace’s corner location, the developers moved it to the middle of the living room wall in the units they finished up last.

As it turns out, there was more than enough room to shift around the fireplaces. Each of the condos has an especially large (18 by 33 feet) combined space for the living room and dining room.

Five of the 12 three-bedroom condos have been sold, and the remaining units were scheduled to be finished and ready for occupancy in February. Each condo has a balcony and about 1,725 square feet of interior space. Prices start at $434,900, for a second-floor rear unit. The three remaining fourth-floor units each come with a rooftop deck; two are selling for $499,900, and the third is going for $519,900. Louie Kritikos and Nancy Suvarnamani of Century 21 S.G.R. are the sales agents.

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Photography: Courtesy of Mike Vesole/@ Properties