In the 1970s and ’80s, Mel Markon’s was Lincoln Park’s go-to for sassy food. The star appetizer was fried zucchini served with barbecue sauce, and the secret ingredient was matzoh meal in the breading. Really? “It was the seventies,” says Markon, who is moments from his comeback, which he calls “a fun Italian version of Mel Markon’s.” He’s teamed up with John Grbac (Jimo’s, Coyote Moon) to introduce a new generation of diners to . . . fried zucchini. “Same breading but with a very original dipping sauce: a blend of bel paese, mascarpone, and tomatoes.” Knowing Mel, we think the folks in River West will be lined up outside the door. 1147 W. Grand Ave.; 312-226-0312.