Guitarist Joe Trohman relaxing in his bedroom


More pics of the stars’ homes

HOME A Lincoln Park tri-level bought in 2005

OTHER RESIDENCE A two-bedroom rental in New York’s West Village, where Trohman is working on new music for the Damned Things and planning tours for the group’s new album, Ironiclast

WHY THIS HOUSE? “I wanted to be in Lincoln Park, and the structure and layout were awesome. But everything was yellow and country fresh. It didn’t reflect me at all. I figured I could change that.”

THE RENOVATION “At the time, I was touring constantly with Fall Out Boy, so I hired [designer] Lisa Ewing. My fiancée, Marie, helped, and we ripped out everything and redid it. I’d come back every three months and I’d freak. It was like, What did I get myself into? But it ended up being awesome. I have all these cool things I’ve collected over the years, and Lisa and Marie figured out how to fit everything in. And it has a vibe that feels so separated from the city. It’s like my own weird but beautiful giant cave where I can work on music.”

FAVORITE ROOMS “Even though I feel like we all need sunlight to be happy, I always end up in the cavelike rooms. They calm my anxiety and stress by separating me from society almost entirely. My media room, where I keep my records, has this cool, weird forest wallpaper that makes me feel engulfed. I always go down there to play music and video games. My bedroom feels really dark and cavernous and is so relaxing and comforting. I have a big collection of Star Wars figures there from the original films, before I was even born, and Lisa and I found Space Invaders decals for the walls. And other things, like these feather sconces she made and this fake-fur chinchilla cover, give it a weird, moody rock ’n’ roll vibe, kind of like that ’60s-opium-den look at the Gramercy Park Hotel. But I also love my living room. We use it a lot and specifically didn’t put a TV in there so we can put ourselves in situations where all we do is talk.”

FUTURE PLANS “I’ve had this place for almost six years, but I might end up buying the place I’m renting in New York after Marie and I get married next year. But Chicago will always be my home base.”


Photograph: Bob Coscarelli; Hair and Makeup: Martina Sykes